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Maybe adopt the seemingly currently appropriate GPS location references, with a
subentry giving height - either above sea level, or aboveground level at that
Certainly the height will - given the geographical alterations that are
occurring, that may need to be amenable to block adjustment values for areas

That should give a unique entry for most properties and one that can be plotted
without a street map and government body index to properties.

Associate with each of the entries  a country code - remembering borders get
And  new land is populated as well as existing land becoming untenable as living
- and there are the undersea residences, agricultural? And industrial facilities

- What you will do about those living on operational planes or watercraft is
another problem that I'll ignore along with orbital and associated off-world

So - location, vertical displacement,  managing country-level, State, county,
city/town, suburban governed area, local governed area, village/hamlet -
equivalent to church or  assembly area/school level location/estate, street,
cul-de-sac/alley off the street, industrial block/apartment complex building,
floor, room/flat, 
and then - there is the ground floor postal delivery box room -maybe 1000
identities - unless looking at a bank taking mail for clients and putting that
into rented deposit boxes.
A great earner for the retiree with a couple of spare rooms in a ground floor
flat  of a large residential complex within an industrial building  .   

And then look at the 'shanty' towns and blocks of cupboard sized 'rooms' in some
Japanese properties, as well as the hotels letting rooms by the month.

In the UK Postcodes seem a good starting point - 
The assigner of codes has issued the same codes for what appear to be multiple
blocks of numbered properties  so a postcode and building number is not a unique

And some places just have names rather than numbers, or even have to provide
pizza delivery drivers with how to get here instructions, 3rd driveway on the
left hand side of Bog way, that runs past the back of the pink church on  ...
street,   and then they go out and wait on the accessway for the delivery person
to try going past them.
Or - the blue mobile home with the Orange door in the ... caravan park  ( the
caravan moving according to the floodwater, and drainage work progress. ) 
Or the postcode being split into multiple areas  with property Nº2 being the
other side of 3, 4, 5 & 6 from Nº1
And near where I live, numbers can go up one side of the street and back down
the other,  or evens one side, odds the other  with Nº4 opposite Nº21 and Nº2
being on the corner with the entrance in the other street.
So - have fun designing for whatever usage the client tells you, when those
assigning addresses are making properties almost impossible to find.


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There are no internalonal common ways to represent addresses.

 You should be aware that household/business delivery is rare or non-existent in
places, so depending on purpose, you may need to store both a mailing address
and a 
physical address which may be in different suburbs or even towns.

What is the purpose of storing the data. Do you want to be able to sort/group

It's often best to use a single multi-line field as Address, then have separate
Town/City, State/Province, Country fields.
If you use Address1, Address2, Address3 etc  you will almoste certainly end up
with some 
records with Country in Address 3 and others with Country in Address 4 or 5 etc.
reporting an absolute PITA.

On 12 Nov 2021 at 9:45, David Emerson wrote:

> Hi Listers,
> I am writing a system that potentially could be used globally.  I am
> looking for guidance on how to handle storing address fields.  At this
> stage the data is just to record site addresses and probably (famous
> last words) will not be used for mailouts as most of the sites will be
> unattended.
> Should I just use a simple structure such as AddressLine1,
> AddressLine2, AddressLine3, Addressline4, AddressLine5 or is there a
> more elegant way of doing it?
> Regards
> David Emerson
> Dalyn Software Ltd
> Wellington, New Zealand
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