[AccessD] How to handle orphaned group header / footer

Borge Hansen pcs.accessd at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 22:46:22 CST 2021

Hello everyone,

This relates to a report that was created way back in Access2003.
I have since changed the underlying query table aliases for the report query.

The report used to handle this group header / footer (referred to in
the property sheet as GroupHeader2 and GroupFooter4):
tblContactWasReferredBy.FullNameSorting Header / Footer

After having changed the report query table aliases we are now dealing with:
crb.FullNameSorting Header / Footer

Because I changed the table alias to crb, the group old header /
footer does not appear in the "Grouping Dialog Box" ... and I cannot
delete the header/footer from within the "Grouping Dialog Box".

I can't find a way to remove this "orphaned" group header and footer,
other than revert the report query to the original table name instead
of the table alias.

Is there a way - through VBA - to remove such 'orphaned' group headers
and footers as these "GroupHeader2" and "GroupFooter4" or whatever the
case may be?


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