[AccessD] Thanksgiving

Martin martinreid at gmail.com
Sun Oct 10 10:25:11 CDT 2021

Enjoy Arthur even if small group friends its important even those we never
meet in person like all those on the lists.


On Sun, 10 Oct 2021, 16:17 Arthur Fuller, <fuller.artful at gmail.com> wrote:

> I know the American date is roughly a month away, but here in Canada today
> is Thanksgiving. That means that we pause and take a few moments to extend
> our thanks to those who matter to us. Typically we cook a turkey and share
> it among family and friends, but COVID-19 has pretty much put the
> kairbosh to that, at least this year, so my little party will consist of
> three people, all of whom have received double-vaccinations.
> Here comes the Thanks part. I want to thank all my cyber-friends that I
> have met here on the AccessD list -- to many to name, or I would go over
> the message-length limit.
> So far as I know, Thanksgiving is only a celebration in North America, and
> in the USA it's even bigger than Christmas. Geographic distribution of a
> moment of thanks doesn't matter. Try a Canadian moment and take a pause and
> give thanks to those you love, and those events that changed your life for
> the better.
> AccessD is the best site I ever found to exchange ideas and problems with.
> I program in several languages,, but Access +Word + Excel is the main one.
> I've created dozens of apps that begin with Access and then reach out to
> SQL Server and Word and Excel -- and one of them, which I am revisiting
> currently -- I wrote the original code in 2004! (How do I know this? Thanks
> to MZ-Tools, which plants headers in your code that include StartDate,
> Aurthor, Purpose and so on.)
> When I look back, I think that trivial apps (those you can write in a week
> or a month) have formed a small part of what I've written over my career.
> More often, the apps I've written involve 100+ tables, and now and then
> 500+ tables. Most of these were written in Access, and in the large
> examples, with a SQL back-end (the only way to deal with Terabytes of
> data._
> I learned a ton from this list, and thanks to you all, I scaled mountains I
> didn't think I could climb.
> This is Canadian Thanksgiving, and I thank you all!
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> Arthur
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