[AccessD] Multi-Select List Box problems

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 08:58:44 CDT 2021

Actually that description is slight inaccurate. Here is a brief overview of
the situation:

1. A Customer  has multiple Projects
2. A Project has multiple Workstations.
3. A workstation may have multiple issues

Currently the code presents the user with a combo box to select the
customer of interest. A multi-select list box presents the user with the
Projects for the selected Customer. On clicking a Project the list bo
x containing the Workstations for that Project. From there the user can
print a report that lists the issues for one selected Workstation. It is
written using a recordset that finds all the issues for one Worksation.

I have been asked ti change the code so that multiple projects can be
selected, and within those, multiple workstations can be selected. I
changed the list boxes to multi-select, and a button on the form
accumulates the Workstation IDs and turns them into a comma-separated list
wrapped in a SQL IN() clause.
 and the multi-select code
This all works fine. But I'm not sure how  to bridge the gap between the
recordset code, which was written originally to deal with only one
Workstation at a time.
I'm not tied to the SQL IN() approach. I've also considering using an array
or a collection of Workstation IDs. One thing that occurred to me is to
expand the recordset to include all the selected workstations rather than
dealing with them one by one. One downstaream advantage is that the final
report could do the whole thing in a single pass, and generate a single

Any thoughts on this subject?

Currently the code


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