[AccessD] With / End With or not?

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Fri Sep 17 05:02:49 CDT 2021

Hi Bill

Perhaps, and we can all believe, but who knows?
My believe is, that we are discussing microseconds, thus not worth any efforts for any normal scenario.


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Emne: Re: [AccessD] With / End With or not?

Gustav, I believe you could AT LEAST have left With Target in there and got a performance boost. Small, but real.

On Tue, Sep 14, 2021 at 5:04 AM Gustav Brock via AccessD <accessd at databaseadvisors.com<mailto:accessd at databaseadvisors.com>> wrote:
Hi Arthur

If any gain at all, it will more likely be microseconds.

The use or not of With-End With is rather a matter of preferred coding style. Indeed, if you type in an environment like Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code (yes, you can code VBA with this) where IntelliSense predicts quite well what you intend to type.

The problem with With-End With is, that you easily loose track of the object, indeed when nested.
For fun, I took an old function of mine with what I considered "smart" use of With-End With tending the unreadable and rewrote it in "clean" style.

Copy the code blocks to your editor using a monospaced font.
Note how you probably will read back and forth to grasp this simple code:

<code old>
Public Sub CopyRecords()

  Dim rstSource   As DAO.Recordset
  Dim rstInsert   As DAO.Recordset
  Dim fld         As DAO.Field
  Dim strSQL      As String
  Dim lngLoop     As Long
  Dim lngCount    As Long

  strSQL = "SELECT * FROM tblStatus WHERE Location = '" & _
                "DEFx" & "' Order by Total"

  Set rstInsert = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(strSQL)
  Set rstSource = rstInsert.Clone
  With rstSource
    lngCount = .RecordCount
    For lngLoop = 1 To lngCount
      With rstInsert
          For Each fld In rstSource.Fields
            With fld
              If .Attributes And dbAutoIncrField Then
                ' Skip Autonumber or GUID field.
              ElseIf .Name = "Total" Then
                ' Insert default job total.
                rstInsert.Fields(.Name).Value = 0
              ElseIf .Name = "PROCESSED_IND" Then
                rstInsert.Fields(.Name).Value = vbNullString
                ' Copy field content.
                rstInsert.Fields(.Name).Value = .Value
              End If
            End With
      End With
  End With

  Set rstInsert = Nothing
  Set rstSource = Nothing

End Sub
</code old>

The revised "clean" style, I very much think you can read in one go, as any line expresses by itself what is doing:

<code new>
Public Sub CopyRecords()

    Dim Source      As DAO.Recordset
    Dim Target      As DAO.Recordset
    Dim Field       As DAO.Field
    Dim Sql         As String
    Dim LoopCount   As Long
    Dim RecordCount As Long
    Dim FieldName   As String

    Sql = "Select * From tblStatus " & _
        "Where Location = 'DEFx' " & _
        "Order By Total"

    Set Target = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(Sql)
    Set Source = Target.Clone

    RecordCount = Source.RecordCount
    For LoopCount = 1 To RecordCount
        For Each Field In Source.Fields
            FieldName = Field.Name
            If Field.Attributes And dbAutoIncrField Then
                ' Skip Autonumber or GUID field.
            ElseIf FieldName = "Total" Then
                ' Insert default job total.
                Target.Fields(FieldName).Value = 0
            ElseIf FieldName = "PROCESSED_IND" Then
                Target.Fields(FieldName).Value = vbNullString
                ' Copy field content.
                Target.Fields(FieldName).Value = Field.Value
            End If

    Set Target = Nothing
    Set Source = Nothing

End Sub
</code new>


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Emne: Re: [AccessD] With / End With or not?

Milliseconds count. Perhaps the average user cannot see the difference, but I am going to compose a toy to determine the relative speed , to determine the savings if any. I should have done this long ago, but hey, stuff happens.

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