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Anita Smith anita at ddisolutions.com.au
Thu Sep 30 03:18:55 CDT 2021

Another shortcut I only just very recently found out about  - can't remember if it was on this list, so forgive me if you guys already posted about this: 

I have a very wide screen in lieu of two screens - just prefer to work that way - anyhow, I'm forever dividing my screen into 2 halves (forms and code window.) I just found about a shortcut that will do that perfectly without faffing around with the windows.

[Windows Key] + Left or Right Arrow Key

This perfectly positions the screen into halves.

Oh and Gustav - I haven' forgotten the demo of the issue with Nvarchar. I will get to that eventually.

Hope this finds you all warm, well fed and covid free.


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Hi all

Alt+F11 has the advantage, that it also works in Excel and Word and all the other Office programs.


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Hmmm, I've always used Ctrl+G too :)
I may start using ALt+F11 instead.

On 30 Sep 2021 at 13:50, Paul Wolstenholme wrote:

> That is a better answer than the Ctrl-G I've been using (which also 
> opens the immediate window)!
> Paul Wolstenholme
> On Thu, 30 Sept 2021 at 12:53, Anita Smith <anita at ddisolutions.com.au>
> wrote:
> > [Alt] + F11 should do the trick.
> >
> > Anita
> >
> >
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> >
> > How do I open the code editor with a shortcut key?  When the program 
> > opens it opens with a form.  The code editor is closed.  I need to 
> > get right into code from there.  I currently switch the form to 
> > design view then click into the tool bar etc etc.  Just not 
> > efficient.
> >
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