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I bet that you didn't mention the need for them to include the needed training
to maintain your skills to current environment  systems, and application levels
during your employment.
I suspect that would need at least 72 hours of commitment a day, and probably
over 50 weeks of training courses a year.

They to ensure that the specifically related ones of those courses be provided
before you are expected to employ the new techniques.

At least there was no specific need for 5 years experience using the windows
2019  environment 
- and haven't MS declared that there will be no new OS versions after windows 10
( oops 11, OK, maybe ...)? 

Maybe worth emailing the CEO, & CFO  indicating that, having been rejected you
suspect that a civil suit may be appropriate should they employ anybody who's
career does not include the full set of the required criteria.


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This is what amuses me.  The job board says "If you don't have these
skills, your resume will not be considered".  Look at the skill set

   - 8+ years of experience as a Microsoft SQL Server DBA
   - Experience and expertise with Microsoft SQL database development,
   Microsoft SQL networking and Multi-site replication, Always-on, mirroring,
   log shipping and data partition;
   - Experience in database security and auditing, SAN connected MS SQL;
   - Experience monitoring multiple databases;
   - Advanced knowledge of database performance management and tuning
   - database fault analysis and resolution effective Database
   Backup/Recovery strategy deployment;
   - Experience performing database migrations and in-place upgrades;
   - Experience analyzing current database performance and making
   projections for future growth (CPU usage as well as storage growth);
   - Experience in administrating Windows 2019 or higher Clustered and
   Virtual environment;
   - Experience supporting high-availability production Microsoft SQL;
   experience with Monitoring tools such as NetIQ/Netcool, Service Management
   tool such as ServiceNow, Remedy, backup tool such as CommVault, NetBackup;
   - Experience with windows powershell scripting
   - Cloud experience: 2+ years as a SQL Server DBA; leverage outstanding
   knowledge of RDBMS Cloud solutions, object-oriented programming, database
   networking technology, and database management, tuning, configuration, and
   troubleshooting to optimize management of SQL databases.
   - Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
   - Ability to handle multiple tasks under tight deadlines;
   - Demonstrated industry awareness which is current on relevant
   competitive products or solutions; and
   - Time and project management skills

I have all those skills of course.  And all I want is $2 million per month
for being superman, batman, the lantern, and every other super power all
rolled into one.  They refused to hire me.  Said I wanted too much money!

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