[AccessD] A couple of syntax questions

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 15:25:47 CST 2022

1. If a procedure or function declaration is not declared Private, is it
thus Public?
2. More a style question than a syntax question. Concerning the code behind
a form, it sometimes happens to me that I realize that the body of what was
a Private function could be extracted and turned into a public sub or
function and reused elsewhere. Instinct tell me that this reusable sub or
function should be moved outside the form's code and placed elsewhere.
Correct, or doe it not matter?
3. Preamble: I have a collection of modules containing code that I'll need
in most if not all serious projects (by serious I mean 100+ tables, as many
basic forms to address the lookup tables etc., many more queries, and then
all the master-detail forms). I have gather all these into a a database.
Beginning a new project, I typically import all these functions and subs.
Is there a better way, such as creating a library and referencing it,
similar to the #include and "Uses" statements in other languages

On another note, when I converted an app to 64-bit, I discovered that Rick
Fisher's *Find and Replace* no longer worked. A little searching i Google
led me to AccessDevTools' *Find and Replace. * They have a trial version,
which I downloaded, tried for two days,and promptly bought a license. This
product far surpasses; this is not meant as a slam on Rick's original
product, not at all. For years regarded it as an essential tool. But now in
the era of 64 and with the benefit of time, this product goes far beyond.


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