[AccessD] Excel Question

Rocky Smolin rockysmolin2 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 18:12:33 CST 2022

Firat - about the limits - if you;re anywhere near the limit of worksheets,
I'd say you're using the wrong tool.

Regarding setting any property in Excel - virtually everything can be done
from code. I've done a lot of automating from Access - setting column
headings, bolding, setting column widths, formulas - everything.  The trick
is not know the VBA code to do these things but to use the macro recorder,
do what would do manually, like select a row and then bold everything
selected, and then stop the macro recorder and look at the code it
generated. It's mostly a cut and paste job.


On Fri, Jan 21, 2022 at 3:12 PM Arthur Fuller <fuller.artful at gmail.com>

> I am creating an Excel workbook from VBA code. I need to know this: Is
> there a maximum number of sheets in a Workbook?
> I also need to know if there is a way to programmatically set the
> column-widths (equivalent to moving the cursor to the right edge of a
> column then double-clicking).
> And finally, how can I set row 1 (containing the headers to Bold?
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> Arthur
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