[AccessD] Hope for the Best, Anticipate the Worst

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 21:01:09 CST 2022

aAnd then there's the problem of how to back up oneself. In a multi-person
firm, this issue may not arise,but in a one-person shop it most certainly
does. I do all the backups and remote storage locations and so on; so far,
so good. But I am 75am 74 years old, and have visited three doctors this
week alone. here will come a time when I don't wake up, or perhaps more
romantically, fall into a snow drift and gently freeze. On that day, there
will be a discrepancy between what is stored off-site and what I was
working on this morning. I live alone, spouseless as it were, so no one
knows the passwords to my various computers, my on-line banking accounts,
etc. .

My current "solution", to use that term loosely, is a filing cabinet
containing two important files, one called Legal and the other called
Vitals. The latter contains a document listing my Gmail account and
password, the passwords to my computers and so on. I have told my best
friend about the existence of those file folders. So in the event, she can
enter my apartment (she already has a key) and rifle through those folders,
and take the necessary actions
There is a client list, currently numbering one, and everything I write for
him is stored hourly on a thumb drive.

Part of the reason I'm thinking about these things is the passing of Meat
Loaf, at age 74 -- precisely my age. Have any of you considered these
issues, and if so, what plans have you made to deal with them?

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