[AccessD] Hope for the Best, Anticipate the Worst

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For consideration

A phrase from which you create passwords 
you remember the phrase, and can write down start character, chars to skip in
the phrase, and number of characters in the password set
Those numbers can be in plain with the access id
Also have a prefix or suffix set of characters  that get added to the generated
character set.

You can stick those in a will, or codicil  so that the Executor will have access
to the main set of keys to get at whatever you have been doing.
including notes re. what work is for who.
I use Spideroak to hold backups of the files containing data I have typed in -
you can  download the backup to a new PC ( providing you remember the access
and then use the encryption key to decrypt the data that has been got onto your
new (other) system

Also  - from experience - use different backup programs  to hold the multiple
backups of your data -
Cloud is nice until it gets wiped, or you cannot access it  
E.G. MS-365 comes with 1TB of Onedrive storage,  forget to renew  and that's
that storage wiped!


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aAnd then there's the problem of how to back up oneself. In a multi-person
firm, this issue may not arise,but in a one-person shop it most certainly
does. I do all the backups and remote storage locations and so on; so far,
so good. But I am 75am 74 years old, and have visited three doctors this
week alone. here will come a time when I don't wake up, or perhaps more
romantically, fall into a snow drift and gently freeze. On that day, there
will be a discrepancy between what is stored off-site and what I was
working on this morning. I live alone, spouseless as it were, so no one
knows the passwords to my various computers, my on-line banking accounts,
etc. .

My current "solution", to use that term loosely, is a filing cabinet
containing two important files, one called Legal and the other called
Vitals. The latter contains a document listing my Gmail account and
password, the passwords to my computers and so on. I have told my best
friend about the existence of those file folders. So in the event, she can
enter my apartment (she already has a key) and rifle through those folders,
and take the necessary actions
There is a client list, currently numbering one, and everything I write for
him is stored hourly on a thumb drive.

Part of the reason I'm thinking about these things is the passing of Meat
Loaf, at age 74 -- precisely my age. Have any of you considered these
issues, and if so, what plans have you made to deal with them?
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