[AccessD] Goto specific record on datasheet

Ryan W wrwehler at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 13:14:12 CST 2022

I don't often mess with seeking out a specific record programmatically, so
I gave it a shot this morning:

When you click a button, it goes to seek the first record with "Report"
(checkbox) true:

'goto first tab
    Me!TabCtl42 = 0

    'seek out first reported dcs
    DoCmd.GoToControl "SampSubReport"
    Do While Not Me!SampSubReport.Form!Report
        DoCmd.GoToRecord acActiveDataObject, , acNext

This works pretty damn well.  Once it gets to the first record where Report
is true it does what it needs to do based on that data.

Just wondering if there might be a better way?

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