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I definitely like the idea of a script to build the database -

In my view a standard need for any database facility.

The script to be  essentially a set of text instructions and details - 
Although I would suggest splitting any substantial volume of data  into separate
text files.

That gives those in 'IT department secured' environments  a reasonable approach
to get what you supply setup in a  secured environment.
Or in an environment where security is a concern, such as mine where the
hardware may occasionally include (access to) commercially sensitive data.

PowerShell is a nice starting point - but many people do not have the experience
to easily understand  the actions of code they may be reviewing - 
And I include the corporate IT staff in that. 

Considering the setup for a chapter - Nice!
I would  consider it better to direct the user to an optional save the updated
status  process, or ask for a new 'SaveAs' filename,
   allowing them to redo a chapter  without recreating the facility.
Then again from the entries towards the end of your post 
I see that you probably have the implementation of that sort of process in

And - the number of times I made use of a re-create and reload set of scripts
when I was managing commercial databases is large.
Especially when having to work on reports of archived data while the rest of the
organization continues work on the live-to-date  data !

Regards, and I may work through the facility when you release it , but I don't
do Access - or (SQL) database based applications anymore .

And am still trying to 'retire' from Excel work -  too!


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