[AccessD] bill's question

John Bartow jbartow at winhaven.net
Sat Jan 29 13:37:22 CST 2022

A few years ago I got Bell's Palsy and had a hard time looking at anything bright. LED, LCD, backlit, etc. I could read my e-ink kindle without pain so I started looking for a larger unit that I could use as a monitor. Here's the one I bought:

It sucks as a monitor because the refresh is just too slow but reading and writing anything else on it works great. Its based on android so you use it to remote into a PC's code windows and works OK for that. Mostly use it for reading manuals, books etc. (in pdf form) now and use f.lux on my PC monitors to keep those bearable.

I did a quick search and they've released some newer less expensive devices since then:


Hope it helps,
John B

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I will read this more deeply later John but thanks. I have double vision and some other issues forcing me to limit screen time. Sucks getting old.

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