[AccessD] Writing to (editing) linked MySQL tables

John Colby jwcolby at gmail.com
Sun May 15 17:28:18 CDT 2022

I am working on an administration app which needs to write data to a MySQL
database on a godaddy web server.  This db holds 5 tables, of which one
specific table needs to be updated.  The records in the tables are created
while taking orders for our product from online forms.

I have the tables linked to my Access Admin database using an ODBC driver I
downloaded from the MySQL web site, and a connection string I found there
as well.


If I open the tables and try to update a field in a random record I get a
long error string.  Just as an aside, if I try to update the original
connection string which did not have the username and password to the same
exact thing except to have the username and password, the attempt to update
the connection string  meets a similar fate.

[MySQL][ODBC8.0(w) Driver][mysqlid-5.5.51-38.1-log]Date overflow(#0)

With an OK or help button.  If I click the help button I get taken to a
microsoft web page


ODBC call failed. (error 3146)

Does anyone have any expertise with this stuff?  I really don't need to do
manual update, and I will try it programmatically soon but I thought I'd
throw this out there for folks to chime in if you have any info on this

And no, I can't move to a SQ: Server db at least at this point in time.
Eventually I fully expect to do so.

Any help is much appreciated.
John W. Colby
Colby Consulting

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