[AccessD] Datasheet subform showing "Error"

David McAfee davidmcafee at gmail.com
Tue May 24 17:37:53 CDT 2022

Hi all, long time no post. :)

I'm  working on a project for a company that we're merging with.

It's an old Access 2010 ADP connected to a SQL 2000 DB. Some old, isolated
legacy set up that they need a new screen to do some maintenance.

I made a foem with a datasheet subform.

The main form is unbound with text and combo boxes, wose values are used
for input parameters.

The subform is bound to a stored procedure. The procedure returns all nulls
as default when the input parameters are all null, such as when the form is

When the parameters are chosen on the parent form and a command button is
clicked,  I simple call: me.mysubform.requery

This works for other forms. This form, for some reason returns "#Error" in
almost every field. The correct number of rows are returned and the PK &
GLAccount columns are displayed, but all text columns have the Error.

I can hit F5 and nothing changes. But if I switch to design view and come
back k to form view the data is displayed correctly.

>From here on out and I change parameter values and click the button and it
all works as expected. It's just that initial requery that returns errors
in the fields.

Any ideas?


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