[AccessD] MS 365 (64 bit) and access apps

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Wed May 25 01:10:42 CDT 2022

My guess would be that it uses 32 bit DLLs (probably just the Win32 API)  and has not been 
updated with PTRSAFE and LONGPTR Declarations and Types.

A quick look at the VBA would soon tell. It's likely to be not much work at all if that is the 
issue. I've done it countless times.

If they are OK with you "sub-contracting  a  foreign consultant" I'd be happy to take a quick 
look at the accdb files for you.

On 25 May 2022 at 3:36, John Bartow wrote:

> I had to downgrade a client site's new Police Dept PCs version of MS
> 365 64 bit to 32 bit this week because two apps "will not work at all
> with MS 365 64 bit installed" (the app's tech support).
> So I checked into it and they're both Access apps with accdb. I recall
> you all chatting about how to get around this. Anyone want me to refer
> them to you? Maybe you could get a nice gig out of it.
> John B
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