[AccessD] Call a function in an AccDb from outside it?

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   Along the lines of what Susan is suggesting, what is this utility about
exactly (sorry if I've missed it)?

   Most utilities are written as an Access Add-in, at which point you have
access to everything in the DB to which it has been added, along with your
utility DB.   You can also simply have the user add a reference to their DB
as well, then call some "starter" procedure to kick-off whatever your
utility does.   Most of the utilities out there (Find and Replace, Access
Wizards, etc) are written like this.   Some are written with Access, while
others are written as a COM add-in with something like C#/.Net.

   You also could have them execute your utility, which could then open the
target DB and manipulate it as a database, or you can open a 2nd instance of
Access, open the target DB in that instance, and manipulate it through

   There are pros/cons to each of the approaches.


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Arthur, when I run into any kind of task that I just can't work out, I
usually take a few days away from it. Then, I go back to the beginning and
strategize -- what can I change here to make this easier??? 

It always works for me, and most often, I end up going a different route. 

Some of the reader requests that I get are so odd and complex that all I can
say to them is, "why must you do this, this way?" It always starts a
conversation that often leads to a different solution. 

Just a thought and this might not be what's going on with your requirements
right now. 

Susan H. 

Thanks, Rocky. I'll give that a try and see how seamless it is.

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