[AccessD] Operation Not Supported...

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 06:02:11 CDT 2022

I'm a little puzzled by this error, especially since I copied the sub from
Microsoft Learn.

Sub DatabaseObjectX()

 Dim wrkAcc As Workspace
 Dim dbsNorthwind As Database
 Dim dbsNew As Database
 Dim dbsLoop As Database
 Dim prpLoop As Property

 Set wrkAcc = CreateWorkspace("AccessWorkspace", "admin", _
    "", dbUseJet)

 ' Make sure there isn't already a file with the name of
 ' the new database.
 If Dir("NewDB.accdb") <> "" Then Kill "NewDB.accdb"

 ' Create a new database with the specified
 ' collating order.
 Set dbsNew = wrkAcc.CreateDatabase("NewDB.accdb", _
 Set dbsNorthwind = wrkAcc.OpenDatabase(CON_NorthwindPath &

 ' Enumerate the Databases collection.
 For Each dbsLoop In wrkAcc.Databases
    With dbsLoop
        Debug.Print "Properties of " & .Name
        ' Enumerate the Properties collection of each
        ' Database object.
        For Each prpLoop In .Properties
           ' the line below causes the error
            If prpLoop <> "" Then Debug.Print " " & _
                prpLoop.Name & " = " & prpLoop
        Next prpLoop
    End With
 Next dbsLoop


End Sub
The error message says "Operation not supported for this type of object."

Any idea why?


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