[AccessD] Using FreeFile

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 15:46:28 CDT 2022

This is the puzzling line, which occurs inside a For loop where MyIndex is
the counter. What I don't understand is the "#" sign in front of
FileNumber. What does it signify?

        Open "TEST" & MyIndex For Output As #FileNumber    ' Create file

On Mon, Oct 17, 2022 at 3:36 PM Arthur Fuller <fuller.artful at gmail.com>

> I'm still trying to get my head around using FreeFile. The basics are
> simple enough:
> 1. call freefile, get an available filename
> 2. open said file
> 3. write stuff to it
> 4. close said file
> In the demo I'm looking at (from MS Learn), it's all self-contained in one
> sub. A couple of things puzzle me. First is step 3, Write.
> Having performed steps 1 and 2, if I now move into another function, is
> the opened file still available to write to? If I call another function,
> and then return to the original file (which created and opened the
> freefile), and then close the file, will that work?
> --
> Arthur


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