[AccessD] Google Drive Horror Story

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 08:53:06 CDT 2022

Maybe I should have read the docs thoroughly before beginning to use GD.
But I figured that I already use OneDrive, so how different can it be?
Well, it is hugely different!
I took a bunch of stuff from my hard drive and copied it to GD. Soon I
began to get notices that my GD was full. So I deleted a bunch of stuff
residing there, only to discover that GD also deleted all that stuff from
my hard drive!

Fortunately, after a long walk through the Recycle bin, I recovered pretty
much everything, but that long walk took me about three hours.

Surely there's a switch somewhere that allows me to turn off the synch
process. But in the meantime, I'm playing it safe and sticking to OneDrive.


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