[AccessD] Form Validation

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Sat Oct 29 19:35:19 CDT 2022

On 29 Oct 2022 at 19:06, Ryan W wrote:

> VarChar was to be able use string literals such as "White" as well as
> maybe the #FFF style color codes, rather than RGB(0,0,0) style. This

Won't work.

Me("txtTest").Backcolor = "White" will just give youa Runtime Error 13 - Type Mismatch.
so  will
Me("txtTest").Backcolor = "#FFFFFF" 

The Backcolor property of a control is a LONG.

You can use 
Me("txtTest").Backcolor = &HFFFFFF
Me("txtTest").Backcolor = vbWhite
Me("txtTest") = 16777215
because they are  all numbers but you can't use a string (variable or literal)

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