[AccessD] Amusing ?

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Dmm, new size is 40877808,

Fingers and eyes need attention!

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Hi there all,

For your amusement, and maybe the bemused at MS!

I have a small, database file that had been created way back pre 2000, and had
small parts of the data content updated  fairly frequently  using 2020, 2003,
2010, 2013, 2016, and  365,
Had the structure updated to the new versions as they were used,  but kept as an
.mdb file.

So opened it today - 2 entries to update and got a warning that  access (2016
aka 365 home)  had a problem with the file, and could "repair" it for me!

Yea - I should be so naive and trusting!

So - closed the session - and a .ldb file was left on the folder !

Copied that 18056 KB file to the desktop, as a backup.
Reopened he original - 
No warning about the 'ldb!
So - presumably I could have the file open in multiple sessions on the same
system, with the same userid and all doing updates ?

Did the updates, closed that, created a backup on a USB stick, 
Opened the updated file - no discernible problem.
So - closed that session, and started a new one double-click the desktop file
And told the session Repair and Compress the 18056KB file.
No reports of any problems, file seems to function, closed it 
Ah - the Access "compress" has made the file 4087808 bytes, 
     yes the process has compressed it to be over double the size!

Thank you Microsot!

I'll go back to the original unrepaired and Uncompressed file  !


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