[AccessD] Amusing ?

James Button jamesbutton at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Oct 31 16:45:25 CDT 2022

That would fit -
Although I had accepted the file being updated to the new format  when the
upgraded versions of Access informed me that the file format needed upgrading
for the new version of Access.
And I'd have expected that to have been done when the OS shipments started with
the new default codepages in Notepad.

Then again I note from the Taskmanager reversion to just a few columns in the
details pane
So, I presume I have has some substantial changes imposed on the working
environment with a recent update to the OS, 
And would presume the Access  environment has now received the associated

Then again - I have spent a couple of hours doing other data updates to the Not
repaired version without getting the needs repairing message again!

If it is codepage related, then maybe I'll see excel workbooks  similarly being
reported as needing recovery and repaid.
In which case, I'll expect the possibility of losing some VBA and charting setup
workbook rebuild from scripts, including ( 2010 based chart creation )

Regards, and thanks for the pointer.


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Sounds like  Access "upgraded" the file from the old single byte (ANSI) strings
to the current 
double byte (WSTRING/UTF16) form.

On 31 Oct 2022 at 17:13, James Button via AccessD wrote:

> So - closed that session, and started a new one double-click the
> desktop file And told the session Repair and Compress the 18056KB
> file. No reports of any problems, file seems to function, closed it Ah
> - the Access "compress" has made the file 4087808 bytes, 
>      yes the process has compressed it to be over double the size!
> Thank you Microsot!
> I'll go back to the original unrepaired and Uncompressed file  !

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