[AccessD] Horror of horrors

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Well Not an external one.  Furthermore I have been using the laptop daily
for the last year.  I exited windows yesterday and booted back in.  Last
night I  closed the lid without shutting down which is supposed to go into
sleep or hibernate.

I do have two NVME drives in the laptop.  I think this is Windows going to
the hidden partition where it stores the files to do a restore.  But this
is an area where I am not an expert.

When it is done with the boot loop it gives me the option to do all the
windows repair things.  What I definitely know is that the C: drive is
"raw", which is something I had never even heard of.  I can't do a chkdsk,
I get a "can't chkdsk a raw drive" message.  I can't do a dir or anything.
It seems that whatever is now "booting" thinks the C: partition is

The laptop that I am using to type this (the HP Pavillion) is what I used
as the source for making the boot for the Lenovo.  I could just do that
whole thing over again.  AFAICT there is only a small (and unknown) number
of files in my documents directory which have been added in the last year.
I am not good at backing up.  What I do is use a D: partition for all my
programming and that is still there.

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> You might be booting from an USB Drive / stick without knowing.
> Helmut
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> I tried to boot my laptop today and it went into an endless boot loop /
> repair.  After mych stuff I got to a command prompt and discovered that the
> c: drive is now a raw" disk.
> It is booting to an X: drive which is a very basic system.  It contains
> windows but no users or anything else useful.  No idea where it (X) is
> coming from.
> I keep all my dev off on a D: disk which I can do a dir on and see all my
> files (whew) but my boot disk (c:) is nowhere to be found.
> So.... has anyone experienced this and more importantly figured out how to
> get the c: drive back to an NTFS system?  IOW recover the boot
> drive(partition)
> Luckily I have my old computer which is what I am using now.  The "new"
> computer is my new Lenovo Legion Pro and I really want to get it recovered
> without a format reinstall, although that would not be the end of the
> world.  I took the boot drive from this HP Pavillion, put it on another
> disk and used that to boot the Lenovo (to keep all of the multitude of
> installed programs intact).  Windows 10 did an admirable job of booting and
> working doing that.  I have been using the Lenovo for many many months
> now.
> Until today.
> Can anyone help me with this?
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