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 As a start, I run all my PC's with a RAID 1 configuration.   I then use
external backup drives, typically which come with software to back up

 I've never (famous last words here) lost anything yet.  The RAID
software/hardware does patrol reads and with a SMART interface
(Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology), you usually get a
warning when one of your drives is about to fail.

 If you are really paranoid, buy a hardware RAID controller and run RAID 6,
which requires two drives to fail before any loss of data.


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I'm on a mission from God...

Having lost my boot drive recently, I have decided it is time to get
serious about backups.  Yea yea, after the horse is gone...

Windows File History isn't an all encompassing backup but it seems to
garner good reviews for what it does.


One thing this article mentions is that File History automatically backs up
all *libraries*.  Now libraries are a subject I had no clue about but it
seems that we can create our own libraries which will then be automatically
included in File History backups.


So I created a library for 'Development'.  I place all of my dev stuff out
on a second partition drive D: with a half dozen or so directories.  So I
created a Development library and added all of these directories on drive
d: and voila, file history will now grab it

TBH when I clicked "create" apply changes to the library took off and man
is it taking awhile.

I think this will be handy.  I am a budding (or withering, depending on how
you look at it) musician.  I play at the bass and am trying to get a midi
keyboard working through my computer as well.  I own and really like Band
In A Box as a way to create a 'busking' like thing going and it requires an
entire install and a ton of files, plus the stuff that I create.

So a Library seems in order for that as well.  Automatic backups for that

At any rate, File History for all the functionality it provides.
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