[AccessD] Actually this is an Excel question, but same diff if you know VBA

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 11:31:40 CST 2023

I'm creating a spreadsheet for the Oscars, and creating a pool therefrom. I
have skipped all the insignificant categories (sorry if you're up for Best
Assistant Gopher).
I have typed in the list of Important Awards, as follows:
Best Picture
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Director of Photography

Obvious: lose the word "Best" -- unless they're giving awards for "Least".

But now, the question of all time! If you supply a correct answer, you
shall win the award for *Best XL coder of the Year*. (Drum roll.... please!
Somebody wake the drummer!)
I am now opening the envelope... and the question is, "Given the list of
Significant Oscars, situated on the first sheet of an Excel workbook, how
to take this list and create additional worksheets, one per item in the

I shall still have to scrap the web site and grab all the nominees in the
aforementioned categories, but I undertake this mission in the God-given
spirit of freedom, and that includes the freedom to wager on contests whose
outcome you cannot predict -- or can you?

In case any of you listers might care to place a small wager on the
outcome, tickets (in the form of the aforementioned spreadsheet) shall be
sent to you, and shall be submitted to me, Tickets cost a whopping $2; the
funds shall be gathered and subsequently awarded to the winner. In the
event that we have more than one winner, the prize money shall be divided
equally among the winners.

In the unlikely event that more than a few listers choose to participate in
this curious ceremony (all of us nestled on our couches with a loved one,
perhaps a cat, or dog, or failing both, a spouse), armed with the requisite
pail filled with Oren Redenbaker's popcorn, along with and appropriate
beverages, smokeables, and ingestibles, clutching your spreadsheet and
insulting one another's asinine choices,then I, Judge of all ye Judges,
shall dispense the winnings to one, or perhaps more, of you.
I hasten to add that this is not intended as a way of persuading you, dear
listers, of parting with your ill-gotten funds. God knows, I have
sufficient local friends to make this game interesting. But foreigners from
far-off lands are virtually her with us, nestled before our virtual
fireplaces and consuming virtual victuals.
Ok. The race is ON. Should I need to remind you of the question, it is, How
to take the list of significant Oscars, entered in a single column on Sheet
1, into an equivalent number of sheets in the same workbook, each sheet
named after a significant Oscar category?


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