[Dba-office] Word search problem

Tina Norris Fields tinanfields at torchlake.com
Sun Aug 2 15:18:47 CDT 2015

I'm not sure I really understand the question.  When I mark text to be 
included in an index, then generate an index field, by default, the text 
I have marked is followed by a comma, then a space, then the page 
number.  I can modify the index format to right-align the page numbers 
and add a tab leader if I want.  And, that works whether I use one 
column or two or more.  So, I think your reader can get pretty much what 
he or she wants by making appropriate selections in the index creation 
dialog box.
Hope this helps,

Tina Norris Fields

On 07/20/15 7:20 AM, Susan Harkins wrote:
> A reader wants to insert a single Tab between a text and numbers. These
> items are arranged in two columns --it's an index generated by using the
> Index field:
> item one 3, 4
> item two 1, 5
> and so on...
> How can he insert a tab between the text and the numbers? It's over my
> head! ;)
> SUsan H.
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