[Dba-office] Update KB3114409 causes problems with Outlook

John R Bartow jbartow at winhaven.net
Thu Dec 10 10:00:32 CST 2015

Hi Kathryn,
I'd set all products (MS, Adobe, Java) to "never check for updates". Then I
manually check on Mondays. That gives MS an entire week to pull Tuesday
updates that cause problems.

Be aware, MS is no longer abiding by their update policies and categories.
They will be much more aggressive towards forcing Windows 10 upgrades on
Windows 7 (and especially 8/8.1 users.) If you have a stand alone machine
(none enterprise you need to be very careful with updates now (if you do not
want Windows 10).

I recommend this simple little app as an assistant in this endeavor:

If I run across Office patches that cause problems (like KB3114409) I'll try
to post them here for everyone but if you want the scope on everything this
is a patch specific list serve, and it get pretty technical but is a good
source for patch problems:

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