[Dba-office] Header/Footer Link to

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 09:33:10 CST 2015

Anyone know off the top of their head if you can unlink one header/footer
element without the other? For instance can you keep headers across multiple
sections connected while disconnected one or more headers? I've tried
looking this up but didn't quickly find an answer. I can test for it later
but thought I'd ask just in case someone here knows. I should know, but
can't recall ever needing to know and I just don't. A quick simple test
turned up. inconclusive because I can't tell whether the link to option is
linked or not after clicking and returning. I'm using 2016 and it looks the
same, but I will take a closer look later - there's bound to be a



Susan H. 

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