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I support a series of about 30 "Verification Reports" that are automatically run at night in unattended mode.  These reports were built with Access 2007.  They pull data from three data sources; SQL Server, Firebird DB, and Pervasive DB.

These reports are automatically e-mailed to select managers and supervisors.  I use a "Command Line E-Mailer" called Febooti.  This software costs about $80 and we are very pleased with it.  

I am not sure of your specific questions, but I think that what we are doing is similar and I am willing to share any info that you would like.



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I'd like to create a custom order form that requires a small bit of tracking. Here's the routine in a nutshell:

User pulls up custom form and in body enters a list of items and prices for ordering.
User sends to manager for approval.
Manager responds to sender with approval so user can make the purchase.

Receipts must be itemized and turned in to accounting within 3 working days. That's where the system falls apart. The managers have trouble keeping up with these approvals and that 3-day requirement.

Can I create a report that's sent to the manager every morning with a list of receipts that are due to be turned in on that day -- 3 days from the manager's approval.

Seems like a simple request. Any guidance?

Susan H.
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