[Dba-office] Administrivia - Thank you all

John R Bartow jbartow at winhaven.net
Fri Mar 27 14:57:23 CDT 2015

Hi All,

I have stepped down from any role of responsibility with Database Advisors.


I want to thank everyone involved with the running of Database Advisors over
the years, especially:

Keith Williamson, our Treasurer - the man who keeps it all paid for 

Bryan Carbonnell, our List Master - the man who keeps it all working 

Jim Lawrence, our Web Master - the man who keeps it all out there for the

And all of our moderators, current and throughout the years, Gary,
Francisco, Bryan, Andy, Debbie, Donna, Lembit, Martin, Mike, Reuben, Roz,
(and anyone I missed). While you have not needed to moderate much, it does
still take time, and without you, we may have had chaos ;-)


I would also like to thank all of our list members for participating. Your
questions, answers and comments have lead us all to greater knowledge and
you have participated in a manner that creates camaraderie.


I wish Database Advisors and all of you the best!


John Bartow


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