[Dba-office] toc not updating in template

John R Bartow jbartow at winhaven.net
Mon Oct 5 11:29:31 CDT 2015

All of my experiences with Word's TOC have seemed buggy, so my thoughts are
not good thoughts ;-)

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A reader has created a long document with headings, etc. that's being used
as a template. Most of the info stays the same -- minimal changes...
deletions, additions, text updates... are made. It's about 28 pages long.

When the user creates a new document based on the template, the toc displays
all page numbers as 3 instead of the correct page. The user must update the
toc to get the correct page numbers.

I know if you make changes you sometimes have to update the toc, but this
seems like an odd (buggy almost) behavior.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Susan H.
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