[Dba-office] Outlook template and macro

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Mon Jan 11 11:26:04 CST 2016

Hi Susan

Oh, I feel like an idiot but a have the small hope to not end up like that - at least to the client - seems I can use all the luck I can get.

Yes, I can see and edit the code - it seems to live completely separated from the template - it actually opens this and manipulates the content.

I'll try the copy and rename trick for the template.


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Gustav, I've never figured out how to modify and save a template. I just copy the original into a new one, change it and then save it using the original name -- or not... 

The otm file is code. Can you see it and open it in the VBE? 

Good luck -- I hate Outlook development. It's the least documented and the easiest to make you look and feel like an idiot. 

Susan H. 


Now, when opening Outlook, I have a Forms, UserForm1 form (seems empty) and a Modules, Module1 module with some functions that seems relevant to the task.


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