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Hi Gustav,
Do you have an Amazon Kindle account? I can loan you my "Programming Outlook
2007" book if you'd like.

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Hi all

I have never programmed anything in Outlook, neither bothered with

However, a client has an urgent need and asks for help to modify a template
and - stupid me - responded that I could take care as the original
programmer is gone-gone. How difficult can that be?

Well, in Outlook 2016, I have managed to find the Developer checkbox and
mark it, so I do have the Developer ribbon present. But that's about it. In
other words, I'm in serious trouble ...

I have a zip with these files to work with (xyz is client's name):



    xyz.bat (seems to be a bat file to copy the otm file to the user's

I can open the oft file and make some changes, but I cannot find out how to
"Save As" ... clicking the menu does nothing, so it seems.

But where does the otm file come in? I can find no way to open it.

Also, the target is both Outlook 2010 and 2013. Can I safely program for
these in 2016 or 2013 given that the original code is for 2010/2013?

As you can see, this is indeed not my ballgame. 
So could someone provide a short guide or direct me to a crash course in
Outlook development, please?


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