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But the kind of work many are forced into with little training and time -- I
understand. I am guilty myself of repeating code snippets - but then most of
the projects that I've worked on are so small that they're repeated a few
times, not dozens. It seems quicker to just copy it than create a new
function to call instead. 

I'm an interface spaz... I tend to see forms and reports and individuals
rather than a component of a larger system. I'm working on that one. 

Susan H. 

Hi Susan

Sloppy means ... all of it. Mix of early and late binding, misleading
variable names, badly named functions, declaration As Object where this
easily could be narrowed down. Repeated code which can be moved to
supporting functions, lousy prompts for the user, no Buttons specified for
MsgBox, lack of use of common constants, magic numbers where VBA constants
exist, no comments at all, no version information, mixed indenting, etc. 

But it worked. Just not the kind of work I return for money.


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This is definitely good news and like you, I've never found a way to save a
modified template. I've researched and left questions - I have no idea how
to do it. Maybe you can't. But I'm glad you were able to do this for your

BTW, define sloppy -- do you mean shortcuts such as no commenting, no naming
conventions, etc. or are you referring to bad code decisions? Just curious. 

Susan H. 

Hi Susan

Job done, happy client, and the links were a good help. Thank you.

The task was from a special received mail to create a respond mail with some
extra info (phone number for an SMS gateway). I used an InputBox to get the
number, then send the mail silently without displaying it. Thus, I could use
the existing template and modify it via code only so, luckily, I didn't have
to redesign the template. I haven't found out how to save a modified
template, and it is hard to search for solutions because the keywords lead
to a bunch of irrelevant results.

I partly had to modify some existing code (not by me) and, once again, it
struck me how much sloppy code "programmers" get away with ...


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