[Dba-office] Outlook synching

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 08:33:48 CST 2016

>From a reader - any suggestions? There should be many options. maintaining
categories is going to be a problem for him, regardless. - Susan H. 


"I am an independent fundraiser and use two computers, a desktop at home and
laptop when traveling.  Outlook 2010 contains all my contact, Category data,
and Notes.  I presently use SynchPST for Outlook to keep the PST files
updated between the two computers - it works fine but is somewhat
cumbersome.  Let me make clear - the Categories function is critical and
must be the same across both computers.  Also, I do not use a server.

My question is this:  If I switched to Office 365, and using OneDrive (which
I already us for file saving), can Outlook on both computers share the same
PST file which would be saved on OneDrive?  My goal would be for both
computers to use Outlook and not have to sync them yet have equal PST data


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