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John R Bartow jbartow at winhaven.net
Sat Jan 30 23:13:30 CST 2016

What email do you use to login there?

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I have my own sub, not through a publisher. I have all of the apps, but only
Mail is visible. I don't have an icon for Outlook. 

Duh... just actually looked and I have Mail, People, and Calendar -- not
presented in the usual way so of course, I made it harder than it actually


Susan H. 

Only Mail? If this is through one of your publishers, maybe they have a
custom setup of Office 365. Otherwise you'd have access to the office apps
the office store for other apps and add-ons, etc.

Otherwise maybe you're thinking of the consumer Microsoft Account where you
can buy stuff from MS - but even there they have a link to your outlook.com
webmail which lets you also go to your calendar, contacts, OneDrive, etc.

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