[Dba-office] Fwd: Interesting Excel problem

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 12:11:42 CDT 2017

Our animal care submits some weights in a strange format:


So, the baby bobcat's weights might resemble 10;7, 14;3, 14;8, and so on.

Parsing them is no problem. But, evaluating and returning poundage in
decimal format is proving a challenge because I'm seeing something weird
along the way. Specifically, regardless of how I concatenate the two
values, I get unexpected results.

I used Column To Text to parse the values using the ; character as the
delimiter. Pounds are in column B, the ounce value is in column C. In
column D, I use the formula:


to convert the ounce value into a decimal value.

Here's where I run into trouble -- I've been unable to concatenate the
pound integer and the results of that formula to return


10 is the number of pounds; .4375 is 7 ounces, expressed as a decimal.

It's impossible to put them together!

I first tried


which returns


instead of 10.4375.

I've tried CONCATENATE(). I've tried working with a text value instead of
the results of a formula. I've tried TRIM() and ABS() -- there's something
going on that I clearly don't understand.

There's probably an easier way to get what I need -- forest for the trees.
But I don't understand why concatenating these two values -- whether value
or text -- wants to add a 0 to the integer.

Susan H.

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