[Dba-office] [dba-OT] Outlook saga

John R Bartow jbartow at winhaven.net
Thu May 11 00:10:26 CDT 2017

I depend on it. I have mine set to display unread and for the folder
structure to open up so the subfolders with unread messages show up in the

Never though t of it before but it's kind of odd that you can't turn it off.

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Yeah, it's displaying the total number of unread -- or supposed to be.
Sometimes it works, a lot of the time it doesn't -- and then... it just
does. No clue. It's not important though -- I don't really use it. 

Susan H. 

I've never had that be wrong. Right click on the folder and make sure it's
set to indicate unread messages.

There's a number in blue to the right of each Inbox. 

Susan H. 

Where does it tell you have unread messages?

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