[Dba-office] Excel Formatting question

John Bartow jbartow at winhaven.net
Mon Sep 18 21:31:44 CDT 2017

I'm using this formula:
=INT(F3) & "'-" & 12*MOD(F3,1) &""""
To make this (F3): 100.79166666666700
Look like this: 100'-9.50000000000006"

So I add Round()
=INT(F9) & "'-" & ROUND((12*MOD(F9,1)),2) &""""
to get it to look like this: 100'-9.5"

The numbers after the decimal point will be limited to 2 places (because of the data)

How can I get it to always add the 0 after the 5 so that the resulting column figures align?

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