[Dba-office] Excel sheet tabs & reference to it

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Thu May 10 06:11:53 CDT 2018

I don't think you can "find and replace" the sheet name, but you could do it programmatically. You kind of lost me though in the totals paragraph. 

Have you considered an info page where you enter the names and then let the sheets reflect what's in the info sheet? Then, you'd need to change only the data on that sheet? 

Am I following you okay -- or have I misunderstood the setup? Back to the sheet names though -- a sheet name can't directly reference cell contents, but I'm sure there's a workaround for that. It sounds like a reasonable thing to do, so I'm betting somebody's already thought of it. 😊 

Susan H. 

I have a baseball roster, player stats and team stats. Each player gets a sheet with all of their stats per game. That sheet has the players name as the sheet tab name.

At the end of each season all I have to do is type in the new player roster and everything works. Except the Tab names and because the sheets are references for the team totals, the tab names are in the totals function's reference.

Is there some method of finding and replacing a word in the entire workbook - including the name of the sheet tabs?

Or is there a method to reference the tab without using the tab's name?

John B

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