[Dba-office] Administrivia - Database Advisors Funding Drive

Bryan Carbonnell listmaster at databaseadvisors.com
Mon Oct 15 13:48:30 CDT 2018

Dear List(s):

The time has come to have a serious talk.  About money.

Domain names and internet hosting costs real actual money.  Which we’re
running out of. So we need some.

So here’s the deal.  We need about $500 to keep Database Advisors running
for another year.  Less than that for the next few years after that.

Keith Williamson, who has been a real brick about taking care of the messy
details, has set up a PayPal site where we can contribute dough.


But what we’re really interested in is your intention to donate some real
bread to the cause.  After all, there’s no sense in raising $250 when you
need $500 and the thing goes down the tubes for lack of a few bucks.

Reply to this email and tell us how much you will donate if we decide to
pull the trigger.

I’ve been a member of DBA before it was DBA – when it was hosted by Memphis
Technologies for free and then one day they decided to pull the plug and
suddenly we were all talking to each other through a yahoo group, trying to
salvage AccessD.

And we did it.  DBA is an actual corporation with stock certificates and
everything.  A bunch of us chipped in and thanks to some tireless work on
the part of a few members, DBA was born and AccessD was saved.  And they’re
still doing it today (Thank you tireless volunteers.}

I can’t count the number of times over the last 20 years or so (could it be
that long?) AccessD saved my bacon; that I sent in a question at 10:30 at
night and woke up in the morning to find that some lister in Germany or
Australia had answered my question.  And those of us on the OT list have
been communing for what? 20 years? Births.  Deaths.  Weddings. Divorces.
Job changes. Happy time. Sad times.  It’s a cyber family (most of us have
never met each other in person). And we would hate to see that circling the

But I digress. Certainly the traffic on the list has diminished as the
popularity of Access has waned.  But every couple of months they still pull
my chestnuts out of the fire.

So write back.  If we send out a request for money, tell us how much we can
count on from you.  I think we can get to $500.  If we can’t…well I don’t
want to think about that.

So let us hear from you.

If just 10 of you chip in $50 bucks, we’re there!  Or 50 of you each
putting in a sawbuck.  That works too.  Or anything in between.

OK let’s get it started.  I’m good for $50. So we only need $450 more (see
how easy that was?)


Rocky Smolin

Beach Access Software




Skype: rocky.smolin

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