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Michael Maddison michael at ddisolutions.com.au
Wed Nov 17 21:14:22 CST 2004

How are you connecting with QA?  What is different to how you connect

What happens in QA when you go File --> Connect?


Michael M

I really need to get query analyzer able to run on Neo2 SQL Server from
all of my workstations.  I have gone through the systems setting
security on the servers to Windows only / System Account.  EM is now
able to see Neo2 Server from all the workstations, and can in fact
browse the tables, open the main table and return records etc.  

QA however fails at the login with a consistent "Login failed for user
'Neo2\Guest'".  Msg 18456, level 16, state1.  On Neo1, Neo2 and Soltek1
I am logging in to Windows as Administrator with an identical password
on each of those three machines.  I can use QA on Neo2 but I cannot use
QA on Neo1 or
Soltek1 against Neo2.

Can anyone help me figure this thing out?  I REALLY need to get all my
workstations banging queries against SQL Server on Neo2.

John W. Colby

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