[dba-SQLServer] SHAPE question

Steve Erbach erbachs at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 22:00:51 CDT 2005


Well, you are a voice of reason and probity. That's good enough for me.

Interesting. Between hours when I'm working on other projects, I've
begun my own sample SHAPE application using ASP and ADO. Having now
read quite a bit about SHAPE from the docs I found, it looks like the
guy that wrote the SHAPE statement in the code I've been adapting did
something a bit screwy. I'm going to try constructing the statement a
different way and see if I get the same or a different result set.

Steve Erbach

On 4/12/05, Charlotte Foust <cfoust at infostatsystems.com> wrote:
> LOL  Yeah, right, I gave you so many hints! <VBG>  You were having a
> conversation with yourself since I wasn't in this board at all over the
> weekend and had no time to look yesterday, so don't give me any credit!
> I used SHAPE quite a bit with Access 2000 to populate hierarchical
> flexgrids, but I haven't used it since because in my current job we used
> only DAO with Access and I was prohibited from using ADO at all ...
> Until I wound up programming in VB.Net using ADO.Net! <g>
> There were some articles on using SHAPE with VB6 and Access 2k and I
> built a sample based on one of them, but it isn't on this machine and it
> uses a hflexgrid control.  If you're interested, I can probably dig it
> out, but it is strictly Access, no SQL Server involved.
> In some ways SHAPE is like creating an XML file but without the tags.
> What you're really doing is creating nested recordsets and joining them
> together, which is where the aliases come in.
> Charlotte Foust

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