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Steve Erbach erbachs at gmail.com
Mon May 1 11:45:05 CDT 2006


Just saw this thread today...

As far as web sites, I'd suggest a visit to
http://www.sqlservercentral.com .  Free registration to get access to
everything, a sprightly daily e-mail newsletter, e-books for cheap,
and lots and lots of articles on SQL Server.

As far as books go, you might want to look into Safari Bookshelf
On-line ( http://www.safaribooksonline.com/ ). For $15 a month you get
up to 10 books on your "bookshelf".  You must keep a book for at least
30 days, at which time you may remove it from your shelf and replace
it with another...or you can hang onto a book forever, taking up a
"slot" on your bookshelf.  About three dozen publishers have their
books in Safari format, which is searchable across ALL books in the
Safari library.  Some publishers are missing from the "stable" of
publishers available, but there are plenty.  The two .NET Framework
books Shamil mentioned are available on Safari, while the ASP.NET
Tips, Tutorials and the Mastering Visual Basic 2005 are not.

I can recommend Scott Mitchell as an author (the book recommended by
Eric Barro is by Mitchell).  Mitchell's web site is the famous 4 Guys
from Rolla: http://www.4guysfromrolla.com .


Steve Erbach

On 4/12/06, Kath Pelletti <kp at sdsonline.net> wrote:
> (Cross posted to SQl Server and AccessD normal list)
> I have been learning SQL Server 2005 and vb.net this year......I have found Mike Gunderloy's book "Mastering SQL Server 2005" an absolute god send. I would highly recommend this one to anyone going through this learning curve....
> But the book I bought for learning vb.net is not so good - "Visual Basic 2005 - Programmer's reference' by Rod Stephens. It's not too bad - very much like reading the MS help screens - but I am looking for a book which will step me through it - a la Mike's style. Any recommendations?
> (I know O'Reilly's are good but I am told by my colleague here that that it is more of a reference book.)
> (While I am posting - it's very quiet on our SQL list for now - is there another list anyone has been using which they would recommend?
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> Kath Pelletti

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