[dba-SQLServer] OT a bit :)

Mark A Matte markamatte at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 20 09:16:05 CDT 2008

My girlfriend shows interest in what I do.  I tried to explain the "SQL Server thing".  I guess I did not do a good job explaining because she now refers to it as 'sqeal' server(in jest of course).

All I can do is laugh.

Mark A. Matte

> From: ssharkins at gmail.com
> To: dba-SQLServer at databaseadvisors.com
> Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 09:03:35 -0400
> Subject: [dba-SQLServer] OT a bit :)
> A recruiter called me the other day and she said "sequel" server instead of
> S-Q-L Server. It sounded so nice. :) Funny, she didn't sound as old as me!
> ;)
> Susan H.
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