[dba-SQLServer] Imported data not seen

Darryl Collins Darryl.Collins at coles.com.au
Tue Nov 25 20:51:17 CST 2008

HI Jean-Paul,

Using a SQL Server Back and MS Access FE I have had this issue before when the table linked to the FE either hasn't got a KEYID or the KEYID type is not "int".

As for learning stuff, I have found the following book to be very helpful, although I don't think SQL Server is something you can learn overnight though...


good luck.


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Hi all,I'm stumped here , i have imported data into table (successfully) but when I open the application (GP in this case) I do not see the recordsI know I'm pretty new to SQL but if I see the record in the table,  shouldnt I see it in the app?ON another note-  does anyone know any GOOD  Crash course SQL books?          Jean-Paul Natola

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