[dba-SQLServer] My SQL slowness

jwcolby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Thu Jul 8 09:42:58 CDT 2010

I have reported problems with very slow performance of my billing SQL Server database.  The database 
was running on my laptop and the performance was abysmal.  Well today I decided to move it to my SQL 
Server machine and holy smoke batman, it is blazing fast.

So whatever the problem, it is related to the SQL Server instance on my laptop.

Now to troubleshoot how to make it faster there.  I have some natural limitations of course since I 
only have two cores and 3.25 gigs of RAM TOTAL for the laptop.  I didn't really expect that to be an 
issue since the database itself is only a few megs.

What would be really nice would be to somehow run off of the server when I am at home (99% of the 
time) but keep the laptop synced to the server so that I could switch to the local copy when I am on 
the road.  At that point I would probably just put up with the slowness, although now that I know 
that the slowness is in my local instance I will definitely troubleshoot further.

On that note however...

I have a view that I used to allow me to enter my time records.  On my local machine it allows me to 
add records.  On the remote server it does not.  All of my tables do allow me to enter data if 
opened directly (in Access in the table window).

That problem aside, I shall definitely enjoy my new found speed.

John W. Colby

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