[dba-SQLServer] disk drive temps for the Norco 4020

jwcolby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Sat Jul 17 23:01:36 CDT 2010

I bought the Norco 4020 to build a server with.


I am impressed with the case, though it is consumer grade.  It is tough to work with however.  It 
has a fan wall just behind the disk drive cage which leaves exactly two inches between the fans and 
the disk backplanes.  Obviously it is impossible to leave the wall in place and get all of the 
cables in, but removing the fan wall is a job for a safe cracker.

None the less I did so, got 20 disks in and cabled up, then reinserted the fan wall, and then 
threaded the cables through the holes in the BOTTOM of the fan wall.  Why on earth they didn't leave 
the holes on the top of the fan wall is beyond me but they didn't.

Anyway, for the first time tonight I tested temps with all 20 drives inserted and power applied, and 
the fan wall operating.  I ran a defrag on every volume simultaneously in order to cause the disks 
to work and generate as much heat as I could cause.

Below are the temps.

CPU Temperature 	55 ºC
Ctrl Temperature 	49 ºC
Power +12V 	12.099 V
Power +5V 	5.053 V
Power +3.3V 	3.328 V
SATA PHY +2.5V 	2.528 V
DDR-II +1.8V 	1.872 V
PCI-E +1.8V 	1.872 V
CPU +1.8V 	1.856 V
CPU +1.2V 	1.232 V
DDR-II +0.9V 	0.928 V
Hdd#1 Temperature 	37 ºC
Hdd#2 Temperature 	40 ºC
Hdd#3 Temperature 	42 ºC
Hdd#4 Temperature 	39 ºC
Hdd#5 Temperature 	47 ºC
Hdd#6 Temperature 	51 ºC
Hdd#7 Temperature 	49 ºC
Hdd#8 Temperature 	46 ºC
Hdd#9 Temperature 	37 ºC
Hdd#10 Temperature 	49 ºC
Hdd#11 Temperature 	44 ºC
Hdd#12 Temperature 	47 ºC
Hdd#13 Temperature 	45 ºC
Hdd#14 Temperature 	50 ºC
Hdd#15 Temperature 	49 ºC
Hdd#16 Temperature 	42 ºC

There are only 16 drives showing because these 16 are cabled up to my Areca raid co-processor card 
which is a 16 port card, and that card provides a utility to watch these numbers.  The other disks 
are not being driven but do have power applied.

I am satisfied with the temps.  Several disks actually hit 53 degrees C under max stress but that is 
acceptable to me.  I would like lower temps but I can live with these.

BTW I am using the Corsair 750W modular PS which is a NICE PS.


The 12V cables are ribbon cables which makes them very easy to run and minimizes the air flow 
impedance.  With only 2 inches to work with between the fans and disks, I need all the help I can get.

John W. Colby

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